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dispensary n : clinic where medicine and medical supplies are dispensed

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  1. A place or room where something is dispensed.
  2. A room specifically designed for the dispensing of drugs; a pharmacy.
  3. An institution that dispenses medical supplies and advice.

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A dispensary is an office in a school, hospital or other organization that dispenses medications and medical supplies.
The term "dispensary" is used in the United States to refer to government agencies that sell alcoholic beverages, particularly in the state of Idaho and the South Carolina Dispensary.

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X ray, blood bank, charity ward, chemist, clinic, consultation room, delivery room, dispensatory, drugstore, emergency, examining room, fever ward, hospital room, intensive care, isolation, labor room, laboratory, maternity ward, nursery, operating room, pharmacy, prison ward, private room, recovery room, semi-private room, surgery, therapy, treatment room, ward
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